What to Setup a Photo Shoot?


*Send me a message about scheduling a shoot or chat live!





SENIOR pictures are the epitome of life, laughs and a memorable year.




* 1 hour and 1 outfit changes $250

* 2 hours and 3 outfit changes $380

* 2 hours, 3 outfit changes and 2 locations $500





It's Never a bad time to fill you walls and frames with new FAMILY photos.


* 1 hour  $150

* 1 hour, 1 outfit change  $200



Adding a new baby to the family is such an exciting time! Remembering those first few weeks with your new baby will be a time that you will cherish forever. 


* 1 hour and a half $230

* 1 hour, 1 outfit change  $230

* 1 hour, with props  $275

* 2 hours, 1 outfit change $340

         (2 hour session preferred for any time delays for adorably unhappy babies to get happy again)       




Love seeing all the wonderful moments that happen during a birthday party but hate feeling like you are missing out on the party? It can be a lot of work to make sure you get every moment of the party. So relax and enjoy your party and let us do all the work capturing every smile and laugh at your party.

Great Birthday Partyies aren't just for kids anymore!


* 1 Hour $185

* 2 Hours $250

*additional time $100 per hour added



Capture all your big life events! Stop worrying during your parties "did someone get that" or "please tell me someone got a photo of that." Let us do all the photo taking for you; you wont miss a thing.  

*Birthday Parties kids and adult

*Wedding Anniversary 

*Baby Showers

*Bridal Parties

*Any Friend or Family get together


           *First hour $185

           *Every hour after $100



YOUR ENGEGED! What a perfect time to get adorable pictures made of the two of you to share with everyone when telling them your amazing news.


* 1 hour  $200

* 2 hours, outfit changes  $275




So get some glamour shots of you in that amazing dress.


* 1 hour  $200

* 2 hours $275


Look on the wedding page on how to get photo shoot bundles.




Capture that beautiful glow. Every new mom or any mom wants to capture that time when they are building that special bond between them and their baby.


* 1 hour  $200

* 1 hour, 1 outfit change  $250

* 1 1/2 hours, 1 outfit change $300



Clients and customers are online more than ever! Make sure they see all the hard work you have put into making your company the best! Update your website, staff photos, product line or just a bunch of photos for socail media attention! you can never have enough photos that perfectly reflect your business!


*starts at $100 - 1 hour space and "B" roll

          +$50 for staff portraits

          +$75 for product line 7 items or less

          +$125 for product line exceeding 7                     items


Got a classic car you love showing off? Or just an awesome looking car you have been working on? Get some great photos to do just that; show off all that hard work you have put into a cool car. Blow everyone away on contest sites with your car looking at it's best. 





*Oniste $30 (at any car show I'm already attending)

*1 hour $100 (location of my choosing)

*Onsite $150 (at a car show you request)


 *There is a $25 per hour fee for                         shows more than an hour away                       from office location.




Servicing Locations include:

Woodstock, Canton, Acworth, Kennesaw Ga.

and other Metro Atlanta Ga. Areas 

*Will go outside of these areas for weddings